Fury Farm grows and sources both organic and conventional fresh, local produce that is harvested just for you! 

Current Produce

Our WINTER harvest is abundant this 2015 season. It includes broccoli, carrots, collards, celery, chard, fennel, leeks, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, beets, parsley, cilantro, bok choy, citrus, sweet corn and honey. These can be bought at our Farmer’s Market, affiliate locations, through our shop, or individually at CrossFit Fury.

What have we planted on our ground?

Fury Farm’s produce is planted on a 7 acre organic farm just to the east of Snyder’s of Hanover, just south of I-10 on Bullard Road in Goodyear, Arizona. Soon, passers-by will be greeted warmly by organic sunflowers growing along the edges of the farm.

In November 2014, our first season, we planted carrots, onions, spinach, gold beets, red beets, romaine lettuce, and parsnips. Entering Summer of 2015 we have organic sudan grass growing on the farm, aiding in making the ground more fertile. We will harvest the sudan grass in August and began planting our winter produce in October.


In addition to producing our own crops, we  purchase directly from local farmers, including Rousseau Farms and Cactus Lane, at wholesale cost that we sell directly to customers in a variety of ways, including our Farmer’s Market, affiliated businesses, and from self serve produce coolers in high traffic areas around the valley. Additionally we operate an online store where customers can purchase premade or custom build boxes to be delivered weekly to specific locations.