Fury Farm was started from the dream of three individuals with backgrounds in agriculture education, commodity farming and the fitness and nutrition fields. Together we secured the land, sowed the seed and found the market. It is our mission to help grow the health of our community by providing access to fresh, local and affordable produce. Additionally we aim to educate future generations on the importance of sustainable and natural agriculture.

Our Team
Peter Egyed, Christine Montgomery, Brandon Brooks and Brandon’s Mom on Opening Day

Christine Montgomery

I am a “stay at home” mom of 4 girls (Aubrey, Alyssa, Caylee, and Averie) and wife to Charlie Montgomery, Chief Operating Officer for Rousseau Farming Company. We have been married for 11 years. We have both been in agriculture most of our lives, both graduates of Agua Fria High School, 2003 graduates from the University of Arizona (Charlie majored in Agriculture Economics – I majored in both Agricultural Education and Agricultural Technology Management). Before choosing to stay at home with our girls, I taught agriculture and biology for 5 years at Millennium High School. Why am I involved in Fury Farm? As a wife of a farmer, I know what “farm fresh produce” looks and tastes like. I know the value of farm fresh produce and it’s importance of going from the farm to your plate without using intermediaries. I believe everyone should be able to experience quality, fresh, local produce. My thought – let’s take out a step or two and go straight from the farm to people’s homes. I hope you enjoy our farm fresh produce as much as I do!

Peter Egyed

Peter Egyed is the owner and founder of CrossFit Fury in Goodyear, AZ. Peter oversees the daily operations and future planning of CrossFit Fury and Breathe Later, Inc.. Peter was introduced to CrossFit in college and competed in the first ever CrossFit Games in 2007. His success at the Games and his passion to build something great drove him to opening his own CrossFit gym in 2008. In November of 2008, Peter opened Fury in a 2500 square foot facility with zero employees. Today, Fury is 15,000 square feet and has 21 employees. Athletics has always played an interesting role in Peter’s life. Throughout his youth he participated in many youth sports and in high school he took up football and weightlifting. After a knee injury during his junior year in high school, Peter’s choices and direction in life took a turn for the worse. After two years of personal battles and a third year of lost freedom he snapped out of his downward spiral, changed his surroundings and his state of mind. At this time Peter moved to the west valley, started college and the rest is history. Since these changes, Peter has dedicated himself to building a healthy and fit community centered in and around Goodyear, Arizona. Peter has partnered with local non-profits helping to promote better living and healthy activities within the community, as well as, partnerships with local businesses to increase availability of healthy eating choices. In 2012, Peter created the Breathe Later Foundation so that we could better help those in need and provide our services to at risk youth. The prevention and treatment of obesity and its related  metabolic diseases is Peter’s passion and he is committed to doing his part to make a difference.

Brandon Brooks

I am a Fifth Generation Arizona farmer that has a passion for working the good Lord’s dirt and being a steward of his land. I am married to Jessica Brooks and we have two beautiful children, Marlee and Mason. We are both graduates of Northern Arizona University and therefore are outdoor enthusiests. We have always grown conventional crops here in the desert but have always desired to grow produce so we could enjoy and provide “farm to table” fresh produce.  Partnering with Christine and Peter, as well as teaming up with Rousseau Farms has afforded us this opportunity. Our family is so excited to be a part of “Growing a Healthier Community” and we look forward to providing our friends and neighbors high quality produce for many years to come.